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Metro: Last Light

Publisher: Deep Silver
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Metro: Last Light

Metro 2033 was quite the popular game when it first released some years ago. The popularity spurred the developers 4A Games, into starting the development of Metro Last Light, which was also to be named as Metro 2034. Choosing Metro Last Light as the final title for the game, Deep Silver is expected to release it soon and take hard-core and casual gamers alike into a whole new level of First Person Shooter experiences. The game is loosely based on the books written by the author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The story in the game however, does not really follow any of the books, choosing instead to go for a more alternate take on the events it is based on. The action packed adventure game is most suited for FPS fans with its highly detailed graphics and engaging story.

The game Metro Last Light is designed specifically to immerse the player right into the thick of the action from the very beginning. You start off in the Post Apocalyptic Moscow just like in the predecessor and you need to fight your way to find the ultimate goal. The game is developed by 4A Games with Deep Silver being the publisher. Once the game gets released it will get a formal rating of M and 17+ from ESRB and a PEGI rating of 16. The ratings are to indicate that the game carries suggestive themes, violence, blood and gore, crude humor and strong language. The survival horror is sure to be a hit with action oriented fans of first person shooters.

Synopsis and Features:

Due to nuclear winter induced by the use of a nuclear bomb during the last war, people have taken refuge beneath the ruins of a post apocalyptic Moscow City. They have made the tunnels of the Metro their home, away from the dangers of the surface like mutated animals and people. The nuclear fallout has caused rampant mutations among people and animals alike and they now stalk the catacombs in search of the living to devour them. Groups seek to get their hands on the Doomsday Device which is a powerful weapon comprising of missiles and laser guidance systems in order to wipe out the mutated beings that stalk the surface.

Artyom is one of the first few to grow up purely in the Metros and that is the only home he has known in his 20 years of living there. He is tasked with protecting the stations along his path as he goes on a mission to get to the root of the evil plaguing his home. He has to be the Light of the people in their Darkest hour. You will face both human and mutant foes as you progress along the game which also has a moral system which rates you according to the kinds of actions you choose during the game. You have to constantly conserve your ammunition and supplies as the realism in the game engine makes it mandatory that you save up on essentials and use them sparingly.

The game Metro Last Light features only the next generation gaming technology with high definition graphics and great detail in the environment. The improved physics and game engine has helped Metro set a new standard in the graphics bench mark almost like Crysis did when it released. The game atmosphere is such that it makes you feel like you are really Artyom and the mission is yours alone. There is a constant atmosphere of fear and tension as you never know when the next enemy will come at you. Air filters have to constantly change or you will be affected by the polluted air, and the torch you use needs to be constantly charged up by rotating the dynamo on it. Discover the secrets of the game and save what remains of the world.

What do you get: You will get Metro: Last Light CD Key (a digital unique code). You can activate the key and download the game pack on Steam.

Estimated time of delivery: 12 Hours

Game Specifications
Activation and Download Platform Steam
Platform PC
Publisher Deep Silver
Languages Multi-Language
Release Date Released
Mode Single-player
Genre First-person shooter
Region Free Yes

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